Mercedes 516 CDI is an another great vehicle in the Beocontrol fleet, and as such has additional features that will provide you with complete driving enjoyment. Equipped with the highest quality equipment, it guarantees comfort and enjoyment of the road.

Mercedes 516 CDI has equipment::

  • 19 + 1 comfortable seats adjustable in all directions;
  • Automatic climate control;
  • DVD / mp3, radio and CD player;
  • LCD TV;
  • A premium dolby surround system for the best enjoyment of movies and music;
  • Wireless microphone for bus guides;
  • Comfortable high quality seating positions in all directions;
  • New baby seats;
  • Seat belts on all seats;
  • Navigation for 43 countries and GPS vehicle tracking;
  • USB chargers for phones in every row of seats;
  • Chargers for laptops;
  • Electric front door;
  • Electric walkway for easy entry into the vehicle for the elderly;
  • Refrigerator for hot summer days;
  • Free WIFI internet access during the trip to Serbia (foreign payment is added);