The Škoda Octavia is a brilliantly packed variation on the chassis of Volkswagen, W Golf and SEAT Leon. It offers more luggage space than any other, as well as an extremely practical interior with enough space for five people.

The interior of the Octavia offers comfort as if it is in the classroom more. No wonder the model is long favorite among taxi drivers and carriers. The rear doors have a wide opening angle, and behind the cups are rear.
Our Škoda Octavia has a built-in climate, bluetooth, DAB digital radio, a USB port as well as a trip computer. It has a boot capacity of 590 l, in which you can comfortably pack your luggage. Passengers are also provided with airbags that come with Škoda as a standard package.

Passengers are provided with high quality and comfort at very reasonable prices without any loss in luxury and safety.

Our professional drivers will help you to navigate the city and make driving easy and comfortable.