If you are organizing transport via a minibus these days, you are planning a career path for a conference in another city, wanting to arrive as soon as possible from the airport or simply want to rent a minimum of traveling with your friends, we will provide you with a complete transport service, safe and convenient.

What is charter passenger transfer?

Unlike regular passenger transportation, which takes place on a regular basis on a pre-determined route, non-scheduled passenger transport takes place as needed by the passenger and his desired destination. Thus vanlinial passenger transport is far more flexible, and the conditions and departure times are determined separately before each ride.

We offer van-passenger services for you:

  • Transportation to the airport
  • Intercity transportation
  • Transportation by minibuses
  • Bus transport
  • Combi transport of passengers
  • Transportation of larger groups for special occasions

Our transport service does not only include minibus transportation, but also complete organization and support throughout the journey. We track our vehicles for 24 hours regardless of where they are, and our drivers are trained to guarantee full safety at all times to passengers regardless of road conditions.

We additionally do:

  • Renting minibuses and other vehicles with a driver per day or longer;
  • Obtaining all the necessary international travel documents for you and the vehicle you rent from us;
  • Transportation to tourist and ski centers;
  • Transportation of children and elderly persons accompanied by responsible persons;
  • Insurance of vehicles and passengers both in domestic and international traffic.


So far, a lot of clients have shown us confidence that we are happy to return and are always happy to recommend.

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