prevoz putnika fudbalski tim
prevoz putnika svetsko prvensto u vaterpolu

Our vehicles are adapted for the transportation of sports teams, as well as sports amateurs of all age groups and children.

The minibus and bus are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and sound system, and the seats move in all directions, which guarantees added convenience and comfort throughout the road. All vehicles have DVD / CD / MP3 players with LCD monitors, fridge, and we offer the option of renting an additional luggage carrier and sports equipment.

Vehicles can be rented for shorter so-called. transfer lines for the transport of athletes to matches and competitions, or for a longer period of time, per day, for the transport of athletes and sports workers to international sports competitions, sports preparations and other events. For your group we will provide travel insurance and 24 hour assistance from the world’s best auto-motors in the event of unforeseen circumstances on the road.

In cooperation with tourist agencies and sports centers with which we have maintained excellent partnership relations for years, we can additionally organize accommodation and accompanying activities for your sports events.

Call us on 011 210 16 16 or send a request to our contact page, it will be an honor for us to participate in your forthcoming victories at least partially!