prevoz putnika na team building
prevoz putnika organizovane ture tim bilding

The team building program is intended for all companies that want to distance their employees from the environment in which they work and to a series of outdoor and outdoor activities in a relaxed atmosphere connecting their employees, building a team spirit and strengthening cooperation.

A couple of days in nature, informal socializing and various sports and adrenaline activities will bring together your employees and awaken new creative energy in them that will reflect on your common results and success of the company.

Take your employees to the unforgettable adventures of rafting on Tara, rafting on the Drina, rowing on the Danube, hiking the most beautiful mountains across Serbia, getting to know the coasts of our rivers and lakes, and we will propose additional activities to make your team even more successful and more effective.

Your only contact us, and depending on the number of employees, we will organize transportation of munibus or bus from Belgrade to the desired center, in cooperation with tourist agencies, find accommodation in hotels or ethno villages all over Serbia, organize sports activities and team games, drinks tasting and parties during the evening hours. We will fully devise a complete program of multi-day activities and provide trainers and moderators to coordinate these activities and lead your work teams.

If this program is exactly what your company needed to contact us on 011 210 16 16, please report the number of employees, and we will, in cooperation with our partner agencies, make an offer you will not be able to resist. Beocontrol Travel gives you the opportunity to quickly and safely transport to all destinations in the region and Europe.