Relaxing in the home-made ambiance of our old forgotten places with traditional food and beverages from the old cellars is an ideal setting to get your thoughts, rest your body and get ready for work, ethno turism – passenger transport is the right choice for you. Delicious food from the offer of ethno houses and farms, waterfalls and antique furniture will return you to childhood and certainly rejuvenate.

prevoz putnika ture seoski turizam
prevoz putnika ture josanica etno kuca

We transport passengers to the following ethno sites

  • Ethno village Stanisic
  • Drvengrad (Kustendorf) on Mokra Gora
  • Old village, Sirogojno
  • Moravski konaci – Velika plana
  • Ethno village “Babina reka”
  • Divljakovac – on the slopes of Bukulja
  • Ethno village Srrnlje near Ribarska Banja
  • Ethno village Vrhpolje
  • and much more…

You choose your favorite location in Serbia, and in cooperation with our partner travel agencies, we will take you quickly and safely to your home country.

Our minibuses and buses, which have their driver drive smaller and larger groups, and besides transport from your city to the desired ethno story. You can rent our minbus vehicles by day, and if you are visiting the place you are going for the first time, we can arrange to connect you to a tour of the surroundings, to seeing smaller and larger cities and the surrounding area. All the time, our drivers are responsible for your safety and are ready to guarantee maximum comfort while driving.

All of our minibus vehicles and buses are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment for playing and entertainment, the latest sound system and the latest generation of air conditioners, so that the longest routes will be pleasant and interesting, especially when it comes to long-distance journeys from abroad to the interior of Serbia.

Contact us and get to know a different and interesting Serbia, cleaner and greener, fresher and noble that will make you fall in love with Serb villages and farms.