kongresni turizam

Although the main purpose of the trip is not a vacation, a country visit due to work or participation in organized business and professional meetings is a good opportunity to visit and get to know its most attractive tourist attractions, which is why congress tourism may be the most demanding form of tourism in terms of organization and logistics.

Domestic fairs and congresses – Congress tourism in Serbia

Our Passenger Transport Agency organizes the transport of participants to fairs, seminars, conferences and other large educational events. Since recently, our travel agency offers the organization of a complete program of accommodation and transportation of all participants at your educational gatherings, fairs, seminars and congresses, whether it’s conferences in the largest administrative centers in Serbia and abroad, or some of the sports and recreational and spa centers in Serbia.
We additionally organize the entire program of activities during the duration of your congress, as well as special tourist tours and day trips for smaller and larger groups of participants who want to get to know the most important tourist destinations in Serbia.

You can offer your guests one-day excursions to numerous ethnic villages in Serbia, sightseeing tours of our oldest monasteries and churches, adrenaline activities in our most famous national parks, rafting on Tara and rafting on other rivers.

There are several models and sizes of our minibus, van and bus, which have complete accessories, and we will provide you with a guide that speaks several foreign languages.

International fairs and congresses – International congress tourism

As a special service we highlight international congress tourism, that is, transport organization to all international fairs and international conferences in Europe and the world.

We are in position to offer you the cheapest airline tickets to practically all major destinations in Europe and the world with complete organization of transportation to and from the airport.

Please contact us at 011 210 16 16 and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible with the tempting offer of transport, accommodation and other leisure activities for the participants during the duration of your organized meeting.