prevoz putnika prevoz dece

In accordance with world standards, we have provided child transportation with minibuses and buses vehicles specially specializing for a short trips and multi-day excursions, for traveling to competitions and other school events in the country and abroad.

With the agreement and accompanying experts we organize the transportation of children:

  • School and preschool children;
  • Students;
  • Athletes;
  • And children with special needs.


In addition to the basic safety equipment, our minibus vehicle also has DVD and CD player and sound systems for children of all ages to enjoy during their journey in their favorite movies. Seats can be moved in all directions and positions.

In cooperation with partner insurance companies, we provided basic and additional travel insurance for travel within Serbia and abroad and a 24-hour assistance on the road by leading domestic and foreign auto-moto companies.

School excursions

The special service we offer in cooperation with tourist agencies is the organization and transportation of student excursions in the country and abroad. We are in a position to offer perfect conditions in combination with top-class vehicles, thus providing professional service to the highest standards.

For excursions in Serbia we are in position to offer the most favorable conditions to all popular tourist destinations, ethno villages and other sights. It is possible to organize one-day and several-day excursions.

Excursions abroad, also, within our offer, and for all longer trips, free service has been ensured.

You no longer have to worry about the safety of your children’s group, because it will take care of the most facial faces and drivers of Beocontrol, who have years of experience in the field of children’s transportation.

In addition to children, we organize student trips under the most favorable conditions.

For any additional information, you can contact one of our agents directly at 011 210 16 16.