Minibus Rentals in Belgrade

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If you’re looking for affordable minibus rentals in Belgrade, Beocontrol Travel is the right company for you. Minibus vehicles are perfect for transporting a large number of passengers all across Serbia. Whether you’re organizing school excursions, outings, business conferences or some sports events, it’s always the right choice. The advantage of minibuses in relation to regular buses is that they are much more comfortable, compact, and easier to maneuver around the city. Beocontrol Travel has two high-quality minibuses Mercedes 516 CDI and Mercedes 519 CDI. Some of the benefits that you have while riding are: free Wi-Fi, air-conditioners, LCD monitors, high-quality sound system, and many other elements. What are some of the situations you might need minibus for?

Unforgettable School Excursions

Some of the most beautiful memories from our childhood happen during school excursions. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to organize such events for your children, be sure to offer them quality they deserve. Minibuses are a great choice for all types of school excursions throughout Serbia. No matter which location you choose, we are sure that your children will have an unforgettable experience.

Another reason why renting a minibus in Belgrade is a good idea is the safety of the students themselves. If it’s a smaller class, it’s much easier to rent a 20-seat minibus where you can keep an eye on all of the children and make sure nothing happens. It’s also much more economical, because you do not need to take the whole bus.

minibus rentals in Belgrade

Outings with Friends or Family

Although today it is impossible to imagine life without technology, it is very important to maintain balance in life and enjoy nature as much as possible. Of course, the best way to enjoy these outings is with your friends or family. So, if you’re organizing a barbecue in nature or are planning a picnic, your best option is to rent a minibus to a desired location.

That way, even the trip itself can become a unique adventure for everyone. You don’t have to worry whether everyone will find the right location or get lost somewhere. Minibus rentals in Belgrade allow you to easily bring all your loved ones together for an unforgettable outing experience.

Business Conferences and Team Building

If you want your company to progress, you have to have a professional, high-quality staff. This means that you must invest in employee education and trips to various trip conferences. With a rental minibus you can easily send all your employees to conferences throughout Serbia.

Besides that, minibus rentals in Belgrade can also be used for team building sessions. Improve the strength of your team and help your employees get to know each other better through fun minibus trips. Whichever destination you choose, Beocontrol will guarantee safe and reliable transportation.

Minibus rentals in Belgrade

Sports Events and Competitions

Transportation is always one of the biggest problems when you manage a sports team. If you want them to be successful and show off all their skills, you need to organize the trip to various locations in Belgrade and the rest of the country. Minibus rentals in Belgrade are the best way to transport your winning team around. You don’t have to worry about their safety.

The main reason why our minibuses are the perfect choice for all your sporting events is that we always use only professional drivers with years of experience behind them. That way your players can relax and prepare for their big day the right way.

Minibus Rentals in Belgrade – Beocontrol Travel

Beocontrol Travel offers you the best possible option when it comes to renting minibuses. We have two high-quality models at your disposal, Mercedes 516 CDI and 519 CDI. They both offer a lot of comfort and have an interior that’s perfect both for short and long trips. Visit our website, contact us, and organize your events right now.

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