If you want to choose, choose the best Beocontrol

Beocontrol – Passenger transport is one of the leading companies for transporting passengers and goods in the region, which has been transport business since 2000. The company was established with the goal to provide more quality and most professional passenger transport service,  to offer fastest and safest modes of transport to its customers and in the country or outside its borders, make it fun and carefree.

All these years we are investing in our fleet daily and today we are ready to meet all your wishes, whether it’s a quick and comfortable transportation of passengers in the country and abroad or the transport of the most demanding goods of the most specific characteristics.

We have dozens of vehicles of all sizes and models, from economical and compact cars, more expensive limo for business opportunities, family cars, minibuses and buses for the transport of organized groups from major centers in the country and abroad to the furthest places around the world.

We try to supplement our range of transport services on a daily basis with new offers according to your needs, and in addition to daily and long-distance services for minibuses and cars, and we do city, intercity vanlinial transport, transportation to the airport, but also organized tourist tours by minibuses or buses without depending on the distance and location.

Why choose our agency for the transport of passengers

  • Because we have the most modern cars, minibus vehicles and buses with state-of-the-art equipment for comfortable driving and safe passenger transport;
  • We have available our highly qualified and highly qualified multi-language drivers and are ready to guarantee the safety and security of all our passengers;
  • Because we are convincingly the most flexible company in terms of terms and arrangements, regardless of whether it is a non-volatile transport, an organized group transport of passengers or renting passenger vehicles with a driver;
  • Because we are available for 24 hours, regardless of whether it’s transport inside or outside Serbia;
  • Because we respect the latest world standards of security and keep up-to-date with the latest trends in passenger transport;
  • Because we have more than ten years of experience in passenger transport and short-term and long-term rental of vehicles;
  • Because all these years we are working in the service of the users and meet all your needs and desires;

The key values of our company and staff over all these years are satisfied customer, high level of professionalism and quality and thanks to them we continue to be the number one among the competition. For more detailed information, you can visit us website https://taxi-serbia.com/

It would be an honor for you to be one of the many users of our passenger services who will be happy to testify about their quality.