If  you plan to organize minibus transfer or business trip to a conference in another city or you just want to get to/from the airport ASAP or maybe to rent a minibus so you can travel with your friends- we can offer you transportation services in a fast, safe and affordable manner.

What is charter passenger transfer?

Public transportation is a type of transport which runs regularly to a scheduled timetable. Charter transfer runs according to the particular needs of a passenger and his or hers wanted destination. That’s why charter is far more flexible. Terms and time of departure is set for each transfer separately.

This type of service incorporates:

  • airport transfer
  • long distance transport (transfer)
  • minibus transport (transfer)
  • bus transport (transfer)
  • special occasions groups transport (transfer)

Our services do not include minibus transportation (transfer) only but the complete organization and support throughout the trip. We monitor our vehicles 24/7 no matter where they might be and our drivers can vouch for the passengers’ safety in any given road conditions.

Other services that we offer:

  • daily/long term rental of the vehicles without an assigned driver
  • obtaining international travel documents for you and a rented vehicle
  •  minibus or minivan transfer to tourist and ski centers
  • organizing your tours in Serbia or abroad
  • assisted transport of elderly persons and kids
  • obtaining travel insurance for vehicles and passengers in domestic and international traffic


We have many satisfied clients that come back to us on a regular basis. They also give their warmest recommendations of our services to others. Call us and see why.