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Wine tourism in Serbia has been taking full swing during recent years. Wine lovers take the wine tours in order to discover some new regions and explore excitingly new tastes and delights.

There are a lot of major wineries in Serbia and they are spread across eight regions. The vast majority of them is accessible through our tours.

This is the best way to discover new wine roads, mysteries of the famous wineries, to see extraordinary wine festivals, to meet the local customs, history and vineyards of the region. If you want to enjoy natural beauty and to taste some of the best wines on our market-this tour is just for you.

You can choose to explore the wines of Fruška Gora, to take the tour around the Serbian wineries, to go to wine festival in Sremski Karlovci or grape harvest in Vršac or you can drink wine from the wine fountain in Aleksandrovac. Yours is just to choose, ours is to take you safely and timely to your chosen destination.

With our partner travel agencies, we will tailor a wine tour to your needs, with the recreational activities and wine and delicacies tastings.

For all tours up to 50 people you can rent our vehicles at the best rates or we can organize the whole tour across the wine roads of Serbia, along with sightseeing of the best wineries, festivals and fairs.

Our profound experience in the field and our reliable vehicles will enable you enjoyable trip to your chosen destination. All our minibus and bus vehicles are comfortable and safe and offer ample rear storage space, along with central air, heating and P/A system.

Our experienced drivers will be in charge of your safety and comfort and the local tour guides and enology experts will inform you about everything there is to know. Thanks to them, you will have the opportunity to discover wines of Serbia in the entertaining way.

Pick the tour that suits you best and enjoy the picturesque regions and wine tastings.

Call us and let us take you with us, to see a different side of Serbia.