Team communication assessments and workshops can enhance team communications, strengthen understanding of personality styles and enhance the team’s ability to manage and resolve conflict. Team building activities and games boost creativity and innovation and strengthen relationships among team members which results in improvement of the overall team performance and productivity.

Take your team to the unforgettable adventure of river rafting on Tara, river rafting on Drina, rowing on Danube River or trekking through some of the most beautiful Serbian mountains. Get to know picturesque banks of our rivers and lakes and we will offer you additional activities that will bond your team even more.

Just contact us and we will organize the most comfortable minibus/bus transport for your team, depending on number of passengers, from the city of Belgrade to your destination. We can find the accommodation in hotels or ethno village for you, we can plan your sport activities and team games, wine sampling and parties in the evening. We can make a program of activities, tailored to your particular needs and find trainers and facilitators for team building activities.

If this program is just what your corporation needs, call us on 011 210 16 16. Give us the number of employees, and we will make you an offer at the right price.