Manastir-Ravanica Staro_Hopovo

Serbia is one of the richest countries in sense of her vast cultural heritage and religious amenities. You didn’t probably heard that there are more than 80 monasteries and a lot of churches that stand on the Serbian territory for centuries. Great deal of them is considered to be valuable art pieces, regarding architecture and fresco paintings. That’s why religious tourism in Serbia is very popular with more and more people each year.

We have more than fair price for the vehicle rentals for groups from 5 to 50 people. We can provide guided one day or multiple day tours to all those sacred places. Thanks to our partner travel agencies, we can provide tour guides for any foreign language.

For our minibus and bus passengers, we have provided travel insurance and additional discounts for pensioners and groups of over 10 people. For the guests from abroad, we can provide airport transfer from their gate in airport in Belgrade, Niš, Sofia or other city in region to the guest’s hotel.

Our vehicles are equipped with top class equipment and will give you full sense of comfort and safety during your trip.

Call us on 011 210 16 16 and one of our agents will call you back ASAP with the best offer concerning sightseeing tours of Fruška Gora monasteries, earliest Christian churches in Balkan such as Studenica, Manasija, Ravanica, Ži?a and other majestic endowments of the Serbian monarchs.