Unwinding in rural ambiance of our forgotten parts of the country, where time stands still and traditional cuisine is on the menu, will bring you much wanted tranquility and mind& body relaxation. Delicious food of ethno villages and salaš, watermill and rustic furniture will bring you back to your childhood days and will rejuvenate you. That’s why ethno tourism is becoming more and more popular in Serbia as well in region.

Josanica ethno house Ethno tourism

We offer transportation for following ethno tours:


  • Ethno village Staniši
  • Drvengrad (Kustendorf) on Mokra Gora
  • Old village of Sirogojno (Zlatibor)
  • Moravski konaci (Velika Plana)
  • Ethno village Babina Reka
  • Divljakovac (on the slopes of Bukulja Mountain)
  • Ethno village Vrhpolje
  • and more…


You just have to pick the location you want and we will take you there safely and timely, in cooperation with our partner travel agencies.

With our minibuses and buses with drivers, we will transport smaller or larger groups to their place of interest. You can choose a daily rent of our minibus and we can take you in sightseeing tour of the local amenities, if you’re traveling to the spot for the first time. Our drivers are responsible for your safety and comfort at all times.

Not only do we provide reliable buses and experienced drivers, but we also have fully equipped vehicles, with central air and heating, DVD player and monitors, CD player, P/A system, under bus cargo bays and overhead storage.

That’s why traveling long distances with us is pleasurable and comfortable, especially when traveling long hours from abroad to the rural parts of Serbia.

Call us and discover different face of Serbia, cleaner and greener, fresher and warmhearted. Let yourself fall in love with Serbian villages and salaš.