Enjoy the wine autumn in Serbia

September is traditionally reserved for wine harvest activities and there are numerous wine events in Serbia which are worthy visiting. Most of them occur in Serbia’s largest wine regions – Sremski Karlovci, Vršac, Župa etc.

Some of the best known events are “Harvest days” on Palic lake, “Harvest in Zupa” in Aleksadrovac, “Winemaker’s days” in Irig, “Harvest days” in Vršac, “Autumn in Smederevo” etc. which all have rich cultural and artistic program.

Since these events are a magnet for all those who enjoy in food&wine, each year the number of visitors, domestic and foreign, is in constant rise. But, when a larger group wants to travel to this manifestation, i.e. couple of families or a few friends, there is a common problem – how to get there? Besides the obvious problem of car space, there is an important issue of drunken driving i.e. a great challenge for a driver when attending this type of event. Although it is well known that alcohol and driving does not mix, in reality, it is very rare that you will not try at least a glass or two of the wine. This is a great danger and safety issue which is very real and present.

The best solution for this situation is a rental of minivan and minibus vehicles with professional drivers. Not only the cost of transport is reduced because they are divided among all passengers, but there is no risk since there is a professional driver taking care for safety and comfort of all passengers.

No matter if it a small group of up to 8 people which have at their disposal a luxurious minivan or a larger group up to 18 people which will be transported with brand new Mercedes minibuses, we are guaranteeing fun and enjoyable trip. If you want to upload your photos to your Facebook account or to tweet how much fun you’ve hade, there is a free WiFi internet in all vehicles.

It’s time for you to enjoy this magical wine autumn in Serbia – call Beocontrol Travel now!


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