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Although this type of travel is not about vacation, business trip to some country or taking part in business seminar/congress is a nice chance for sightseeing. That’s why the congressional tourism is perhaps one of the most demanding form of tourism.

We have extensive experience in providing transport to seminars/conferences/conventions which are often held out of big town. Our partner travel organizations will bring you new possibilities in organizing accommodation and transportation of the participants, regardless of the venue. It can be some of the biggest cities in Serbia or abroad or it can be some sport center or SPA in Serbia.

Along with that, we provide the extensive program of activities as well as sightseeing tours and one day trips to the most interesting tourist destinations in Serbia.

You can offer your guests one day trip to some of the most intriguing ethno villages in Serbia, sightseeing tours of the churches and monasteries, adrenalin boosting activities such as river rafting.

You’ll have various types and models of minibus, van and bus vehicles at your disposal. All vehicles are fully equipped and come with a driver. Besides that, we can arrange tour guide in any language.

Call us on 011 210 16 16 and our agents will call you back ASAP with the most affordable price for this type of service.