Beocontrol is one of the leading carriers in this region and it has been operating successfully since 2000. It has been established with the aim of providing the best quality transportation services as well as enabling the fastest and the most secure ways of transport. One of the main objectives has also been taking our passengers in a comfortable and modern vehicles reliably to their chosen destination in Serbia or abroad, without any inconvenience.

During all these years, we have been improving our fleet of vehicles. That’s why today we are ready to cater to all your needs concerning fast and comfortable transport across the country and abroad.

Our fleet consist of various vehicles of all possible capacities and sizes, from economy vehicles to compact ones, luxury limousines for business occasions to family cars, minibuses and buses/coaches for taking organized groups to the major cities or the farthermost places in the country and abroad. Also, we are able to handle transportation of the most demanding goods.

We extend our vast array of services by the bus transfers, bus rental, new offers, tailored to your particular needs. In that sense, we can offer you short term/long-term bus or car rental, along with the intercity, long distance and airport transport. We take organize tours by vans, minibuses or coaches regardless of the distance or location.


Why choose our transport services?

  • We have unparalleled access to fleets of all types of vehicles. From the luxury cars, minibuses to coaches fully equipped with all those amenities for traveling with comfort and safety
  • Our drivers are highly skilled. They speak several foreign languages and they can vouch for the safety of all of our passengers.
  • We offer utmost flexibility concerning rental terms and arrangements regardless of the type of transport. Whether you need a charter transfer, tour group transportation or renting a car with a driver, we will provide unmatched service
  • we have on-call 24/7 transfer service, for any type of transport in Serbia or outside
  • we thoroughly follow and update safety standards and regulations in the field of passenger transportation
  • we have more than ten years of experience in passenger transport services as well as short term and long term rental of vehicles
  • during all these years, we have been delivering the highest standard of customer service, capable of accommodating all of our clients’ needs


Our company along with our staff, has a commitment to certain core values such as safety, high professional level and overall quality. Those values have enabled us leading position in the field and a large number of satisfied clients.

We’d be pleased to see you satisfied with our services because that’s the best quality testimonial we could get.